Sustainability (OLD)

Becoming more sustainable as a brand is something we are very passionate about

Imagine if all brands switched to making just a small percentage of their collections in recycled fabric - the change in the industry would be monumental!

But that is easier said than done. Finding the right fabrics is an uphill struggle and of course all recycled fabrics are more expensive, but the more we request them, the better they will become.

Our aim is that 80 - 90% of collections each season, along with trim and packaging, will be made with recycled and organic materials. We’re just not settling for anything less.

This season, we’re proud to say that all bomber jackets are made from recycled fabric, along with all garments made from sweatshirt fabric. And this, we promise you, is only the beginning of our journey.

We hope you'll come along with us... 🖤